Painting seashells!

Welcome to another post! I wasn’t sure what you guys wanted to see more of, because I just posted the question (see previous post), so I figured I would share my newest hobby. I love painting, and I had been painting rocks, but then I ran out of the cool, smooth beach rocks. So I thought, what else can I paint?

My grandmother used to collect shells, so she gave us “some”. (Now we have three buckets of seashells in our basement!)

Painting shells can be hard, because of their curved surface, so it will take some practice. Here are the shells I painted, below. I used acrilic paint, but any cheap craft store paint works just as well.


Some painting tips are:

  • Paint from the background forwards, starting with basic colors, and then adding detail.
  • Use a big brush for large areas, and then smooth the edges with a smaller brush to create a clean edge.
  • When shading and adding reflected light, (bubbles and octopus background) remember where the light is coming from, and cast all shadow in the opposite direction, and all reflected light in the other.

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