Easy Popcicles

For these fun and easy snacks, you will need:

  • yogurt or apple sauce cup (washed) or plastic cup
  • spoon
  • fruit, juice, water, etc.
  • freezer


  1. First, gather materials, (listed above)
  2. fill your container about halfway with water or juice. If you want, put some berries in, as well.
  3. Stir with spoon, and pop in the freezer (On a level surface, with spoon inside.)
  4. Freezing will take a while, maybe a few hours. If you want, make them before “Bed Time” and check in the morning, they should be frozen by then. (The spoon will be fine)
  5. Squeeze flexible container a bit, to loosen, and then twist and pull out. The frozen pop should be stuck to the spoon. Lick or eat over container to avoid dripping all over the place.


Recipe By Alexa (My Friend)



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