My mom is the creator of the Swamp Yankee Style blog. When she created her blog, she inspired me to create my own. For a long time I thought about it. What would it be about? That was my main question. I had lots of ideas, but it eventually came down to two. Crafts, and Writing. I decided I liked both, and I started with crafts, but know I have both!

Now you can see and try my Craft Ideas. Before my blog, the only ones who knew about my ideas were my family and friends, but now YOU can know to, and you can share them with your family and friends.

I also have fun story starters, tips, and soon will be having a sneak-peek to my book I’m publishing; The Dragons Of Darmoore! Keep and eye out for some fun book-related crafts, too!

Thank You so much for visiting my Site!