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Easy diy coasters!

  These cute coaters were spare tiles I found at Mine, a repurpose or resell store. I found four of the same size and painted four of my chickens. The top right is RainbowDash, our rooster. We thought he was a hen- untill he started crowing. Below RainbowDash is Fluttershy, his favorite lady. She never… Continue reading Easy diy coasters!

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Painting rocks!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Livingcreatively2016! Yesterday i helped out at a plant sale fundraiser for mothers day, my aunt had me help run the free kids table for painting rocks, and introduced me to a new hobby I cant wait to try out! People all over my home area paint cute rocks, sometimes with… Continue reading Painting rocks!

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Curvy Wire Rings

These cute, curvy rings are made of wire and plastic beads. (I just had the wire hanging around, so I don't know what kind it is, sorry peoples.)  Wrap the wire around your desired finger 3 times, with a little extra wire. Cut the wire, and place your bead of choice in the center loop.… Continue reading Curvy Wire Rings

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DIY Open-backed shirts!

(Craft by Alexa) These cute open-backed shirts are great for summertime, and hot weather. All you need is an old shirt that's a little on the small side, and scissors. Lay your shirt face down, and cut a long, vertical (up and down) line straight up the middle. Stop when you reach the base of… Continue reading DIY Open-backed shirts!

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Fluttershy And Discord – A wonky (but not too wonky) tea party

Fluttershy is my favorite character, and I feel like I can relate to her a lot, and discord is the best villain ever. Who doesn't like cotton candy clouds, and chocolate milk rain? Here is the two having a Wonky (but not too chaotic, for fluttershy) Tea Party. If you watch my little pony, comment… Continue reading Fluttershy And Discord – A wonky (but not too wonky) tea party

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Top Hat Flower Pots!

These cute "Top Hat" flower pots are an eady DIY project. Me and my friend found these two pots at a yard sale, and repainted them brown, with a little gold for a worn look. Then we glued ribbon, feathers, and flowers on them. We grew mint in our flower pots, but you could grow… Continue reading Top Hat Flower Pots!

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Polymer clay cauldron

Roll out a ball of black Polymer oven bake clay, or "Sculpty" clay. Stick a finger in the center of the ball and squish the sides o make a bowl shape. Flip the bowl upside down, and gently squish 4 small balls for the legs. Flip back over and roll out a long strand of… Continue reading Polymer clay cauldron

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Artist Trading Cards!

You can make your own trading cards with your friends! Here's how you do it: making cards: First you want to cut out your cards. Use card stock instead of normal printer paper. If you have cards such as Pokemon, or baseball cards, you can trace those, if not, your cards should be about 2… Continue reading Artist Trading Cards!