Happy Meal Houses

Here is a fun recycling project you can do when you go to McDonald's. You can make little houses out of Happy Meal boxes. Here's what you need:. Happy meal box Colored paper Clear plastic bags (Ziploc) Tape Glue Scissors Steps: Pop out or cut out holes for doors and windows. If you need to … Continue reading Happy Meal Houses


Easy Popcicles

For these fun and easy snacks, you will need: yogurt or apple sauce cup (washed) or plastic cup spoon fruit, juice, water, etc. freezer First, gather materials, (listed above) fill your container about halfway with water or juice. If you want, put some berries in, as well. Stir with spoon, and pop in the freezer … Continue reading Easy Popcicles

Origami corner page bookmarks: Halloween Monster Design 🎃

These easy origami corner-page bookmarks are adorable, and fun to make! My friend taught me how to make them, and now I'll show you! (if these written instructions are confusing, don't worry, I am working on a video!) To get started, gather materials: White printer paper scissors crayons, colored pencils, markers, or other coloring tools … Continue reading Origami corner page bookmarks: Halloween Monster Design 🎃