Short Story Writing Tips

Short stories are typically 3-5 pages, and for some people this can seem like a lot. For most writers though, it is hard to fit a fully structured story into a mere 5 pages maximum. This applies weather or not you are used to writing a lot. However, I have some tips and tricks to... Continue Reading →

MORE Warrior Cats Names

This is an 'update' from one of my previous Warrior Cats posts. I had a name generator, but only for windclan. Since it was so popular, I decided to create a generic name generator for all the clans. (Thank you to Ashley and Anela for the feedback!) For this one, there is no D20. Your going to... Continue Reading →

NEW Warrior Cats Drawing Style

I have recently been expirementing with a few different drawing styles for Erin Hunter's Warriors series. I will be working on a new drawing tutorial, but here is a quick preview of my favorite character:   If you would like me to draw YOUR favorite Warriors character, comment thier name on this post! (I am... Continue Reading →

DIY Shirt Designs – Cricut

As you all know, I am opening up at the Velvet Mill's vendor stands on March 30. (See previous post for details). I figured I needed to look the part, so I made a shirt to wear with iron-on material. I used a Cricut machine to cut the Iron-on, but you can cut it by... Continue Reading →

Easy Oragami Corner-page Bookmarks.

This is a post for all you bookworms out there (or if you like fantasy, book-wyrm). This is a fairly easy craft I learned awhile back, but there are so many cute things you can do with it! Materials: - Paper (construction paper, printer paper, oragami paper, etc. whatever you choose) - Scissors - Glue... Continue Reading →

DIY Dragon wings

You have the horns, now you need some wings! Luckily, these are much easier to make. All you need is some craft foam sheets, paint, and a hot glue gun (With sticks). I have a picture posted below, but these are pretty simple. Cut out the wing shape, as large or small as you want... Continue Reading →

Home (a short story)

Hello, thanks for all the good feedback, here is one of my short stories I found buried in my notebooks. It's not my best work, but I hope it's still okay. I'll see if I can find/write some better ones this week. (I checked over it, there is no violence, just a little suspenseful chase... Continue Reading →

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