THE DRAGON’S NEST – Saturday, March 30!!!

Just a reminder, on March 30th, at the Stonington Velvet Mill, I will be selling my crafts. I have dreamcatchers, little book charms, my book, The Dragons of Darmoore, wood-burning designs, and of course,ย Little clay dragons.ย  Here are some sample pics: I hope to see some of you there, to support my blog and crafting.... Continue Reading →

DIY Shirt Designs – Cricut

As you all know, I am opening up at the Velvet Mill's vendor stands on March 30. (See previous post for details). I figured I needed to look the part, so I made a shirt to wear with iron-on material. I used a Cricut machine to cut the Iron-on, but you can cut it by... Continue Reading →

Artist Trading Cards!

You can make your own trading cards with your friends! Here's how you do it: making cards: First you want to cut out your cards. Use card stock instead of normal printer paper. If you have cards such as Pokemon, or baseball cards, you can trace those, if not, your cards should be about 2... Continue Reading →

Painting seashells!

Welcome to another post! I love painting, and I had been painting rocks, but then I ran out of the cool, smooth beach rocks. So I thought, what else can I paint? My grandmother used to collect shells, so she gave us "some". (Now we have three buckets of seashells in our basement!) Painting shells... Continue Reading →

Recycled Bottle Necklace Stand

This beautifully interesting Necklace stand looks amazing, and keeps your Necklace from tangling. It is fun to make, too! (If you like crafts.) What you will need: Bottle Popsicle sticks, 4 Hot glue Water Necklaces Optional: Glitter Paint, not oil Extra Popsicle sticks Beads + string Marker Other Clean out your bottle by putting some... Continue Reading →

Recycled Shoebox Aquarium

Do you like the beauty of Mother Nature's tropical fish, but the cost and time of keeping them is too much? With this beautifully simple-to-care-for Home Aquarium, you can enjoy the Tropical colors without the work! Here is how to make one:   YOU WILL NEED: Shoe box, or card board box Colored construction paper... Continue Reading →

Oregami birds

These birds are adorable, and make great party favors, decoration, and gifts! They are fun to make, but may take practice to perfect. Fold your rectangle paper as shown, then cut off the extra strip. Unfold the triangle and fold the two opposite corners in. Flip over and fold the remaining corners into the center.... Continue Reading →

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