DIY Dragon Halloween Costume Accesories

Previously I have posted two seperate posts for making dragon horns and wings. Since our favorite spooky holiday is just around the corner, I figured we should revisit some of these posts. They are great for a dragon costume! (I know because I was a dragon last halloween 🎃) DIY Dragon wings Diy Dragon Horns... Continue Reading →

Short Story Writing Tips

Short stories are typically 3-5 pages, and for some people this can seem like a lot. For most writers though, it is hard to fit a fully structured story into a mere 5 pages maximum. This applies weather or not you are used to writing a lot. However, I have some tips and tricks to... Continue Reading →

DIY Shirt Designs – Cricut

As you all know, I am opening up at the Velvet Mill's vendor stands on March 30. (See previous post for details). I figured I needed to look the part, so I made a shirt to wear with iron-on material. I used a Cricut machine to cut the Iron-on, but you can cut it by... Continue Reading →

Dragon Egg Surprise

These little dragon eggs take awhile to make, but are cute ornaments, gift or candy containers, and decoration. Im sorry if the directions are unclear,  All you need is... Plastic easter egg Hot glue gun A few glue sticks (for the glue gun) Scotch tape.   Start at the top with a dot of glue... Continue Reading →

Sketches: Queen Nala

I just finished the craft fair, and had fairly good turnout. I also drew a sketch of Queen Nala, on her throne. (Below) I think it's one of my favorite drawings so far... Too bad the book is already published! 😉 Queen Nala is a character from my published book, the dragons of Darmoore. For... Continue Reading →

DIY Dragon wings

You have the horns, now you need some wings! Luckily, these are much easier to make. All you need is some craft foam sheets, paint, and a hot glue gun (With sticks). I have a picture posted below, but these are pretty simple. Cut out the wing shape, as large or small as you want... Continue Reading →

How To Draw: Dragon Portraits

Welcome to my first Post in honor of my new book, The Dragons of Darmoore! Here I have a video (below) on how to draw dragon portraits (from head to shoulders). It actually came out a lot better than most of my videos and is fairly clear, but also a little fast, since I have... Continue Reading →

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