Fairy Houses

This is a favorite past time of mine, building tiny woodland homes. Weather or not you believe in fairies, this is a fun outdoor project.   There are many ways to build a fairy house, and none are the same. It all depends on what location you pick and what materials are available. Here is... Continue Reading →

Top Hat Flower Pots!

These cute "Top Hat" flower pots are an eady DIY project. Me and my friend found these two pots at a yard sale, and repainted them brown, with a little gold for a worn look. Then we glued ribbon, feathers, and flowers on them. We grew mint in our flower pots, but you could grow... Continue Reading →

Painting seashells!

Welcome to another post! I love painting, and I had been painting rocks, but then I ran out of the cool, smooth beach rocks. So I thought, what else can I paint? My grandmother used to collect shells, so she gave us "some". (Now we have three buckets of seashells in our basement!) Painting shells... Continue Reading →

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