Short Story Writing Tips

Short stories are typically 3-5 pages, and for some people this can seem like a lot. For most writers though, it is hard to fit a fully structured story into a mere 5 pages maximum. This applies weather or not you are used to writing a lot. However, I have some tips and tricks to... Continue Reading →

The Dragon’s Nest Crafts On Etsy!

Hello, happy saturday! I just want to let you all know I set up an Etsy Shop for my crafts. Unfortunately, the Velvet Mill wasnt all that busy, but I hope that Etsy will be better! Click here to go to my shop. My shop name is TheDragonsNestCrafts, and I currently have dreamcatchers, clay dragons,... Continue Reading →

DIY Shirt Designs – Cricut

As you all know, I am opening up at the Velvet Mill's vendor stands on March 30. (See previous post for details). I figured I needed to look the part, so I made a shirt to wear with iron-on material. I used a Cricut machine to cut the Iron-on, but you can cut it by... Continue Reading →

Groton Times!

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a fantastic holiday! It has been awhile since I've had a news post, but guess what just happened! I made the Groton Times news! My book was just featured on an article, giving some details on the publishing and editing process. Check it out in your own paper,... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone! Sorry for the absence of info! I got my first copy, after some minor issues with the print, and am going to be doing book signing at the Sacred heart church in Groton, CT. Craft fair tomorrow! That's 12/1/18 from 10am to 4pm. Sorry for the short notice. Oh, and Happy Holidays! šŸŒ²

Original Character Sketches

Below I have some of my original character sketches, which may be a bit messy, but I did promise "exclusive Darmoore content", so consider this a behind-the-scenes type of post. Throughout the many stages of this book, I have re-designed many of my characters, and much of my drawing style. Did you know that Matilla... Continue Reading →

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