DIY Butterfly Tile Coasters

These coasters I made on some leftover tile peices. I bought them at a store called Restore, which is a store for selling second-hand furniture, paint, and appliances like sinks or light fixtures. The tiles were only $1.25 for 5 tiles, and I already had the paint, stencils, and clear coat.   For this project... Continue Reading →

DIY Dragon Halloween Costume Accesories

Previously I have posted two seperate posts for making dragon horns and wings. Since our favorite spooky holiday is just around the corner, I figured we should revisit some of these posts. They are great for a dragon costume! (I know because I was a dragon last halloween 🎃) DIY Dragon wings Diy Dragon Horns... Continue Reading →

DIY Doggie Rope Toys

Thse dog toys are durable, flexible and fun to make! I usually cut up T-shirts, but you can use a variety of materials. The weaving is a little complicated, but easy once you get the hang of it. You will need: T shirts (I would suggest starting with 4 separate colors) Scissors Prep: Cut a... Continue Reading →

Dragon Egg Surprise

These little dragon eggs take awhile to make, but are cute ornaments, gift or candy containers, and decoration. Im sorry if the directions are unclear,  All you need is... Plastic easter egg Hot glue gun A few glue sticks (for the glue gun) Scotch tape.   Start at the top with a dot of glue... Continue Reading →

Artist Trading Cards!

You can make your own trading cards with your friends! Here's how you do it: making cards: First you want to cut out your cards. Use card stock instead of normal printer paper. If you have cards such as Pokemon, or baseball cards, you can trace those, if not, your cards should be about 2... Continue Reading →

Diy reindeer antlers

Merry christmas everyone! Happy Holidays! Weather you celebrate christmas or not, these festive antlers are fun to make! Here is what you need: Craft foam sheets (brown) Paper Hot glue Cardboard Headbands   First, design a plan, or "pattern" to trace. (Like mine, below) Trace 2 antlers out onto the thin foam sheet. Cut them... Continue Reading →

(clean) Sock water bottle holders

These fun water bottle holders can have fun colors, don't smell, and keep your water cool! YOU WILL NEED: Scissors Marker Sock, cleaned or new Sewing supplies or sewing machine (Optional) straps STEPS: Clean uncleaned Sock!!! Fold your Sock inside out and stick your water bottle in as far down as you want it to... Continue Reading →

Recycled Bottle Necklace Stand

This beautifully interesting Necklace stand looks amazing, and keeps your Necklace from tangling. It is fun to make, too! (If you like crafts.) What you will need: Bottle Popsicle sticks, 4 Hot glue Water Necklaces Optional: Glitter Paint, not oil Extra Popsicle sticks Beads + string Marker Other Clean out your bottle by putting some... Continue Reading →

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