🎄Holiday Poems for a thoughtful Christmas Card🎄

Christmas cards are fun to make, but then comes the challange of what to write in them. Whenever I make cards, I like to write a little poem inside. This is sweet and simple, but also shows you put a little effort and care into your card. See my other post, Poetry Tips (Rhyming) for some... Continue Reading →

Customizing Your Christmas Village!

Most people collect Christmas Tree ornaments for the holidays, but my family collects miniature houses! Every year we buy a new addition to our christmas village and we usually get something related to that year. This year we wanted to get a dog grooming place in honor of my mom's new job. The only problem... Continue Reading →

The Equinox – A Poem

This is a little poem I wrote that was inspired by some old folklore about the Fey, or faeries. It follows an ABAB format, which means it rhymes every other line. I hope you enjoy it!   Equinox Summer fades with fall’s first breath, And Sun sinks into Moon’s pale light, When spirits dance from... Continue Reading →

DIY Dragon Halloween Costume Accesories

Previously I have posted two seperate posts for making dragon horns and wings. Since our favorite spooky holiday is just around the corner, I figured we should revisit some of these posts. They are great for a dragon costume! (I know because I was a dragon last halloween 🎃) DIY Dragon wings Diy Dragon Horns... Continue Reading →

Easy Oragami Dragons

These cute dragons are fun and easy to make! A few parts of the tutorial may be tricky to interpret, but if you rewind and watch it again it may help, even if it takes a few tries. Enjoy! (This is not my video, the tutorial was created and posted on youtube by Easy Oragami).... Continue Reading →

Fairy Houses

This is a favorite past time of mine, building tiny woodland homes. Weather or not you believe in fairies, this is a fun outdoor project.   There are many ways to build a fairy house, and none are the same. It all depends on what location you pick and what materials are available. Here is... Continue Reading →

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