MORE Warrior Cats Names

This is an 'update' from one of my previous Warrior Cats posts. I had a name generator, but only for windclan. Since it was so popular, I decided to create a generic name generator for all the clans. (Thank you to¬†Ashley and¬†Anela for the feedback!) For this one, there is no D20. Your going to... Continue Reading →

NEW Warrior Cats Drawing Style

I have recently been expirementing with a few different drawing styles for Erin Hunter's Warriors series. I will be working on a new drawing tutorial, but here is a quick preview of my favorite character:   If you would like me to draw YOUR favorite Warriors character, comment thier name on this post! (I am... Continue Reading →

Warrior Cats OC Names

Warriors, a series by Erin Hunter, is one of my fsvorite book/series ever! Dont worry, this post won't have any spoilers, it is just a fun trick I made up to help you name your own characters, or "OC"s (Original Characters). So in the book, there are four Clans of Feral cats. The cats' names... Continue Reading →

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