ShimmerTails are small, fox like rodents with  long ears, a furry scruff around their neck, and two, shimmering tails.  These creatures are rarely seen in their homeland  because they are hunted for the small gemstone nestled in their scruff of fur. This gemstone produces the shimmering dust that coats their tails. When threatened, Shimmertails will... Continue Reading →

Ribbon Drake

(Picture coming soon) Ribbon Drakes are slender reptiles, and distant relatives to dragons. They do not fly, but can glide using the winglike skin stretched over their forelimbs. Ribbon Drake live in rain forest areas and come in many vibrant colors, much like ibithe. They have long, limber bodies and are lithe and agile in... Continue Reading →


  Drawulves seem like dragon-wolf of wyvern-wolf hybrids, but are actually a species of their own. They have a wolf-like body, with slightly larger paws and wicked sharp talons. Drawulves have dragon-like wings, spikes down their spines, belly plates, and long, slender, scaled tails with a tuft of wolfish fur at the end.  A female... Continue Reading →


Dragons are reptilian creatures with wings, and often with a "breath Weapon" as it is often referred to. Some dragon types breathe fire, or ice, and others have venom or specialized fire. Dragons come in many subspecies, since they come from many realms, and some are friendly, while others are not. So far there have... Continue Reading →


Skiri are winged snakes, reaching about 5-10 feet long in thier native land. Skiri have a distinct diamond pattern down thier backs, and thier scales range from blues, purples, and greens, to yellows and oranges, with some pink in the occasional individual. Skiri wings are generally white, with hues of their secondary colors. Their main […]


Fuzzles are small, round, furry creatures with two, large shimmery eyes and a pair if antennae. Fuzzle fur can be sky blue, pink, peach, or lavender, and is coated in a natural oil that allows it to cling to most surfaces, allowing them to climb walls and ceilings. Pink fuzzles always have sky blue eyes,... Continue Reading →

Ibithe: Kayla’s Creatures

An Ibithe (Ib-bith) is a jungle dwelling bird simular to a hummingbird. This bird has two sets of wings, a feathered pair and a pair of gossamer insect wings, that look like a dragonfly's. Ibithe use their long, thin beak for drinking nectar, and the juices of fruits, and are about as long as your... Continue Reading →

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