What cat breed are you? Quiz

What Cat Breed are YOU?

There are many cat breeds in the world, and each one is different. Answer these three questions to find out what cat breed you are.

1) What would you rather do?

A. Climb

B. Cuddle

C. Play in a splashed or pool

D. Prank your friends

2) How would your friends describe you?

A. Adventurous

B. Calm, shy

C. Playful swimmer

D. Trickster

3) What would you rather play?

A. Obstacle course

B. Crafts or art

C. Swimming race

D. Hide and go seek


If you got…

Mostly A:

Bengal- you are adventurous, playful, and brave.

Mostly B:

Russian blue- you are quiet, calm, and friendly.

Mostly C:

Turkish van- you are a playful swimmer and love water in general.

Mostly D:

Devon rex- you are a mischievous and playful person, you always know what pranks will make your friends laugh.

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