Animal Rescue!

Heal them, Heal the World

Operation Skinny Pig:

     Happy Valentine’s day! This week, Michaela’s Animal Rescue has saved two mini-pigs, Sweet Pea and Gremlin (A.K.A. Grim). These two piggies shared a horse stall with another pig twice their size, a goat, and another small pig. The small pig was on the other side of the stall, since they did not get along, and the bigger pig, Wilbur, ate the little pig’s food. We found them with their hips sticking out, skinny from hunger.
     We brought them home with us, and kept them in our shed/barn with shavings, blankets, water, toys, and some old pillows. They were so happy! We fed them pelleted pig food, and some good fruits and veggies for snacks. They have gotten fatter, but are still skinny.
    Their new family will take good care of them, though. Today, on Valentines day, they found a new home with a nice family of five, (including their new pig sibling, Charlie.)  I think I’d call this…



Raptor Rescue:

Recently, I have set up a booth at the Babies Heart Run, and raised $50 to help Raptors, or birds of prey.  Because of all of those people’s donations, even though some were only $1, I was able to send money to Horizon Wings Rescue to help with the care of two rescued birds who will never be wild again – because of thier injuries. Hirkimer the screech owl, and Spirit the American Kestrel. Thank you for all of those who donated,  and  those who may help in the future!


Pony Pal:

Fantasia, an adorable, mini Pony, is a rescue. She was rescued from the new Holland Livestock auction. She was underweight and you could see her Ribs and hip bones. Luckily, thanks to people like you’s  donations, Fantasia was rescued and adopted – by us! She is now a little fatter, and is living at another barn with a different Mini named Brownie. Brownie is a little chubby, but he is a good friend to Fantasia. Brownie also knows how to jump poles, I’m thinking of training her to jump, too!  Remember, thanks to people like you…. Fantasia is a happy Pony! Even a small donation helps make a big difference, Also, please watch the following video. The truth needs to be heard, or seen…

Thank You!

(This is not my video, posted on YouTube by: Lynny Prince)